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Modern Flames: 26" Sunset Charred Oak Electric Log Set

Getting a fireplace in your home usually involves costly and laborious installation and tons of chores coming your way. The Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak is the solution to this. It can be easily installed in seconds and does not emit any ashes or soot, unlike gas inserts.

It saves you time and money but does not compromise style. The Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak is an incredibly realistic electric log set insert for an old wood-burning fireplace. This fireplace insert is ready for smart home integration and is powered by a lithium battery eliminating all the cords! Available in two sizes, 20″ and 26″, give new life to any old fireplace or existing fireplace opening with this log set.

This is the first battery-operated electric fireplace insert. Installation is minimal. Simply unbox it and place it directly into the fireplace without any additional construction costs or headaches. The battery is optional if no electric socket is near the fireplace and can last for 10-12 hours when fully charged. It is also nicely hidden behind the log set. A power cord is also included with the log set if you prefer to plug it into a standard 120V outlet.

Wi-Fi capability makes it easy to operate this fireplace insert from your phone or set it up to be voice-activated with a smart home system of your choice: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or HomeKit. Easy to reach manual controls on the side of the log set and remote control are also included to ensure easy operation.

Its no-heat option means you can enjoy the relaxing ambiance all year round.

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