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RH Peterson: Glass Burner - Assembled G45 Outdoor Burner with Safety Valve - 36in - Propane

This Glass and Gems burner system is specially engineered to provide flames that offer maximum impact when used with Real Fyre® Fyre Gems or Fyre Glass. Available for Natural or Propane gas. Stainless Steel models are also available.

Glass Fyre Gems are a unique and modern addition to any contemporary vented fireplace or outdoor vented gas fireplaces. With 15 custom colors, Fyre Gems create a sparkling, shimmering reflective hearth. Each Fyre Gem shimmers with a myriad of colors when burning. Available in 12 solid colors, and 3 delicately ribboned shades. Select single or multiple colors to enhance your hearth or outdoor ventless fire feature.

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