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RH Peterson: P45 Pan Burner Match Lit NG Only 30in

Real Fyre P45 Series Vented Glass Burner Kit, ANSI Certified, Fyre Spheres provides a contemporary burner system to enhance your favorite living space with the warmth and comfort of fire. This vented unit is designed to turn your wood burning fireplace into an efficient and warm glass burner set with a modern set of Fyre Spheres that should be used in an approved masonry or approved vented firebox enclosure. This unit carries ANSI certification to meet safety standards and features (2) different safety valve types: manual safety pilot kit (SPK-26) or low-profile automatic pilot kit with variable remote control (APK-17); in both cases, the pilot light must be manually lit and continuously run in order to provide ignition. The unique glass burner design features the same high quality burner system with an integrated fire glass tray to provide a modern burner display.

•Contemporary Glass Burner – Unique P45 Burner with fire glass display
•Vented Unit – Designed for vented fireplace enclosures only, and must be used with a damper clamp
•Fuel Efficient – Under normal conditions, clean burning combustion will not produce soot, smoke, or odor
•Realistic Flame Presentation – Lively, realistic flames will be blue and yellow to produce a full body presentation
•ANSI Certified – Abides by ANSI certification standards to ensure safety

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