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RH Peterson: Rural Aged Oak Rumford Style Logs 18-20in

Rumford Style Gas Logs with GR47 Burner
The Real Fyre Rural Oak Rumford Collection features a vertically arranged log set crafted specifically to accommodate the tall opening designs of Rumford or “Kiva” style fireplaces. With intricate bark detail and the wood fire realism Real Fyre is known for, the Rural Oak Rumford Collection is available in three log styles including Rural Oak (RUO), Rural Aged Oak (RUA) and Rural Split Oak (RUS), two sizes (18/20 and 24/30) with four control options.
Control options available:
• Match lit without valve (NG only)
• Manual valve w/ standing pilot (-A)
• Automatic variable valve with remote (-17) • Electronic Valve with on/off remote (-02)

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